Stanton DeFreitas Spent His Youth In A Unique Circumstance

January 07, 2016
Stanton DeFreitas has been able to work on issues that are significant to international companies and projects for many years now. He is a businessman who is well recognized and successful. Many businesses, organizations, groups, and projects turn to Stanton DeFreitas first when they're searching for guidance on how to proceed. That is because he provides an original viewpoint and a wealth of working experience to the table for his clientele. Stanton DeFreitas has a significant knowledge of the international business world better than most and is grateful to be able to help companies to improve their endeavors.

Stanton DeFreitas spent his youth in a unique circumstance, as he was a native Canadian, but was always pleased to celebrate his Caribbean background anytime he got the opportunity. He was brought up in a multicultural area with international flavor called Scarborough, located in the East End of Toronto. It was incredibly advantageous to his private and work life to experience such a diversified neighborhood. On many occasions, Stephen DeFreitas was introduced to numerous traditions, languages, custom, and foods. Due to this, Stanton DeFreitas appreciated cultural differences from a young age and had a profound admiration for diversity.

Stanton DeFreitas doesn't simply want to be recognized as a business person. He hopes to be a author who interacts with readers on a range of issues that he considers important. Stanton DeFreitas is convinced his philosophy of inclusion and diversity is something lots of people could benefit from and wants to help men and women to get those benefits. Stanton DeFreitas is intrigued by issues like international travel, world events, international sport, and health and wellness issues. Every person is affected by these subjects and we as humans could always stand to learn more about them.

Stanton DeFreitas Has Long Been A Spokesperson For Diversity

July 11, 2015
Stanton DeFreitas has long been a spokesperson for diversity. He believes that a diverse cultural experience provides untold benefits to individuals who are involved in it. Being exposed to a variety of cultures means having an expanded base of knowledge about others. In the business world, this can only be a good thing as it means enabling an individual to communicate and relate more effectively with others.

Stanton DeFreitas was born in Canada, but proudly considers himself a citizen of Planet Earth. He believes that achieving a global community is not only preferable, but possible. This means discussing and dealing with global issues more frequently. That includes exploring issues like world travel, international sport, health and wellness, and current events. Stanton DeFreitas has long harbored an ambition to become a writer who grapples with these issues. He writes in an engaging and interesting manner and he believes his philosophy would be of interest to readers.

Stanton DeFreitas Is Proud Of His Caribbean Roots

December 19, 2014
Stanton DeFreitas is an aspiring writer who wants to discuss topics like international sports, international travel, health and wellness, and world events. He believes he has a unique perspective to offer on these issues concerning how they affect us and how we can see them differently. Stanton DeFreitas is a native of Canada who is also proud of his Caribbean roots. He was born and raised in Toronto's Scarborough neighborhood in the east end of the city and was exposed to a great deal of diversity there. It became a part of his life that he really enjoyed and wanted to share with others.