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Stanton DeFreitas Has Long Been A Spokesperson For Diversity

July 11, 2015
Stanton DeFreitas has long been a spokesperson for diversity. He believes that a diverse cultural experience provides untold benefits to individuals who are involved in it. Being exposed to a variety of cultures means having an expanded base of knowledge about others. In the business world, this can only be a good thing as it means enabling an individual to communicate and relate more effectively with others.

Stanton DeFreitas was born in Canada, but proudly considers himself a citizen of Planet Earth. He believes that achieving a global community is not only preferable, but possible. This means discussing and dealing with global issues more frequently. That includes exploring issues like world travel, international sport, health and wellness, and current events. Stanton DeFreitas has long harbored an ambition to become a writer who grapples with these issues. He writes in an engaging and interesting manner and he believes his philosophy would be of interest to readers.